About Us

A Record label, Artist development company, Talent management firm, and Film production…Goodfellas Entertainment has been the leading source of numerous A-List artists since 1994.

CEO, Donny “Drano” Harrell began his legacy long ago with the guidance of his mentor Dick Griffey. Griffey gave Drano his first “label deal” back in 1991 under Solar Records. There Drano established “Strickly Lethal Records” where he crafted his skill under the tutelage of Mr. Griffey.

Goodfellas Entertainment is known for facilitating major record deals & guiding the careers for several multi-platinum selling artists. With the help of his business partners Vernon Vito Goins, COO and Derrick Price of Digital Diesel, Drano has developed a strong team of credible execs to grasp a hold of his dream of continued success in this industry.

A major stepping stone for Goodfellas Entertainment was when Drano aka “the deal maker” executive produced one of BET’s highest rated reality tv shows back in 2008 called “Brutha 2 Brutha”. In conjunction with James Dubose of Dubose Entertainment, this creation of Drano’s allowed the world to take a glimpse into his music & family life as he managed his nephews, R&B group “Brutha”. Sadly, “Brutha” as a group wasn’t able to survive the pain & pressure of the ever stressful music industry, and as a result, their destiny came to a screeching hault; but that didn’t stop 2 of the members from this talented group. Brothers of “Brutha” and from another mother, “Jake & Papa”, is the spin-off act that’s at the top of the roster for Goodfellas Entertainment to date. Other acts following are Inglewood Cali rapper “Phenom”, and their rock & soul trio “Taylor Made” are next in line to blow!

Expect much more than music in the coming years at Goodfellas Entertainment. Currently, GFE is in pre-production for their first feature film called “In Search For The Perfect White Woman” which is a romantic comedy coming soon to a theater near you.